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The end of the financial year is rapidly approaching, and it is that time for the distribution of the New Boxes to those parishioners who belong to the Gift Aid Scheme. 

I will be outside the Church after our masses on the weekends 22nd/23rd March & 29th/30th March and would ask all those who belong to the Gift Aid Scheme to collect their envelopes.

A lot of families in our parish belong to the Gift Aid Scheme, which helps considerably -in paying the expenses of running the 2 Churches, 2 Halls & the Presbytery. If you don't belong to the Scheme, then now is the time to consider joining. If anyone in your family pays income tax then the parish can claim back the tax that has been paid. Alternatively, you can set up a Standing Order, which saves you from having to remember your envelopes each week! If you belong to the Gift Aid Scheme, but no longer pay tax them please let me know so that I can cancel it.

Many parishioners forget to bring their envelopes with them, and as such the parish looses quite a lot of income each year. In order to overcome this problem there are special envelopes at the back of each church. If you've forgotten your Gift Aid number, just put your name on the envelope. These envelopes can also be used for Second Collections, Mass Stipends, and other Donations.

As you will appreciate the costs of running your homes are rising all the time, and as such the same applies to your parish churches and halls. Will you please consider increasing your offertory gift by putting extra in your envelope each week. You no longer need to advise me of this increase, as there is now no limit to your gift under the Gift Aid Scheme.


On behalf of Fr. John may I thank you for your continued support.

Brian Carter
Parish Gift Aid organiser
Tel: 020 8508 4086.

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